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Waze App Shares Users’ Personal Data

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on the pros and cons of the Waze app. When drivers download the Waze app, they may think there are more benefits than risks associated with the app. That may in fact be true, but to some, the potential for infringement on privacy may be too great and it may outweigh any benefits they may see.

What is the Waze App?

The Waze app can be downloaded onto a phone to help find the best route to take for drivers in real-time. The app works by tracking car accidents and traffic jams. It can pinpoint one particular vehicle, track the time that it takes to get from one point to another, and therefore make predictions to other users about how long the route will take.

The Waze app is different than Google Maps or MapQuest since it includes a social networking component where users are encouraged to share information on the app. Users can also report car accidents, potholes, speed traps, a waiting police officer, road construction and information about gas stations.

Waze App and Getting Help After an Accident

The University of California studied where traffic accidents were reported first, on the Waze app or to first responders. Looking at data collected from the highway patrol and Waze, researchers found that the crowd-sourced drivers notified the app about two and half minutes before anyone notified the highway patrol, on average.

This could be helpful, since every minute counts when first responders are trying to provide assistance at the scene of a car accident. Doctors will agree that in general, the faster a person can get to the emergency department, the better the clinical outcome will be.

Waze App and Predicting Accidents

Additionally, the Waze app has shown in Maryland that it could potentially be helpful in predicting where crashes may happen. A study that combined information from Maryland law enforcement and the Waze app information found that a combination of the information from police and the app could help create models to predict crashes. A study is being commissioned to look further at this issue.

Some of the downsides of the Waze app are that crashes could be reported incorrectly or falsely or the crash that did occur may only be a fender bender with no reportable injuries and that could waste resources if first responders were deployed and there was actually no crash.

Privacy Concerns with the Waze App

The Waze app requires that users use their real names and those who use fake names will be subject to penalty. Additionally, when users sign up for the app, they should be aware that they are agreeing to have their location tracked by Waze and stored permanently with the company. This may not be that important to some users, or they may feel that the benefits of the app outweigh the potential privacy concerns.

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