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Cameras to Capture Drivers Speeding Through Construction Zones

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers discuss a [pilot program that will allow cameras to capture drivers speeding through construction zones.There have been almost 1,000 interstate work zone crashes in Pennsylvania, a statistic that has increased over a four-year span. In October 2018, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 172 into law to help combat this issue and ensure the safety of road workers and drivers on Pennsylvania’s busiest highways.

A pilot program will take effect this fall, and it will allow the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) to install speed cameras on interstate construction zones across the state. These cameras will take photographs of license plates of vehicles traveling 11 miles per hour or more than the posted speed limit.

This pilot program will reportedly last five years and will involve two pilot zones on the turnpike and two pilot zones with PENNDOT in the beginning. By spring of 2020, the program should be in deployed throughout the state, with all construction zones being compliant as well. Exact locations of these speed monitoring cameras are yet to be determined, though state officials acknowledge that traffic patterns and crash data will likely influence the locations. Two of the state’s biggest construction projects involve the largest cities; highways close to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are seeing major reconstruction and widening projects.

Penalties for Speeding

A system administrator will monitor the photographs taken by the cameras to determine citations, with the State Police reviewing offenses. The first infraction will send a written warning to the address listed on the vehicle’s registration; the second offense requires a $75 fine, and third or more offenses registering a $150 fine each time.

Weekly meetings have been held between officials from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, PENNDOT, and the Pennsylvania State Police to discuss details and other foreseeable issues with the program. Pennsylvania state officials have also held meetings with state officials from Maryland, who have implemented a similar speed capturing program on its highways for the past 10 years. These discussions and research from traffic data will be used to roll out the safety program seamlessly. At full deployment, PENNDOT will utilize 10 cameras, while the turnpike will have seven.

The program is designed to encourage drivers to practice safer driving habits and educate them on the dangers construction workers face due to speeding cars. Multiple signs will be present and in view before entering a construction zone, warning drivers that their speed is being recorded. State officials hope that the presence of these warning signs and speed cameras will deter drivers from speeding and driving recklessly through work zones, and, ultimately, limiting needless accidents.

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