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Crash Scene Investigators Improve Vehicle Safety

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers discuss how crash scene investigators improve vehicle safety. After a car accident, plenty of first responders dash to the site to help the victims, secure the area, and gather information. However, what may surprise people is that some of the crash scene responders who show up work for auto manufacturers.

Their role is not to provide assistance to victims but to evaluate how the vehicles were affected by impact forces. Then, they take their findings to technicians and designers to increase the safety of their vehicles. It is an excellent way for them to receive real-world data, a trend Volvo instituted.

Volvo and the First Crash Scene Investigations

More than 40 years ago, Volvo began sending employees to all crashes that took place relatively close to its Swedish headquarters. The company’s goal was to collect data on the causes of the accidents and injuries and how innovative designs could prevent future incidents.

Today, the technologically advanced “Volvo On Call” system alerts Volvo investigators to a nearby crash automatically.  At each scene, investigators take a back seat until everyone has been helped and the site is safe. Then, they take images and measurements. The data they collect is not only useful for their own operations but is shared with other car companies around the world.

Other Car Manufacturers Focus on Improvements

Some of Volvo’s competitors have followed suit, including BMW. Their Accident Research Program is more widespread than the Volvo counterpart, as it takes place in parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. It is also notoriously comprehensive. In fact, BMW utilizes technology and big data to help construct crashes and hopefully reduce them with their next generation of vehicle bodies, standard amenities, and add-ons.

In addition to BMW and Volvo, Subaru, Honda, and Tesla have started investigating accidents that involve their cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. The basic purpose is to get a better understanding of not only why crashes happen, but how they can either be stopped or serious injuries can be mitigated.

Positive Outcomes of Private Crash Scene Investigating

The U.S. government has kept detailed information on car accidents for more than 70 years. Between 1947 and 2017, crashes have reduced from more than eight deaths for each 100 million miles people traveled to just above one death for the same distance. Crash scene investigators are not the only reason that safety improved, but they are thought to play an important role. The information they collect and disseminate has given tremendous insights to car designers around the world.

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