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FDA Recalls Breast Implants Linked to Dozen Fatalities

FDA Recalls Breast Implants Linked to Dozen FatalitiesThe FDA recalled breast implants that have been linked to a dozen fatalities stemming from the development of a rare cancer. They discovered that the implants are linked to a higher risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which adversely affects the immune system. Out of nearly 575 reported cases, around 480 cases have been directly linked to the use of the breast implants. On Wednesday, the FDA urged the manufacturer to recall the devices due to its dangerous association with the rare cancer.

Physicians may prescribe drugs or the use of devices in good faith and to help patients who need them for medical reasons. Unfortunately, some manufacturers may fail to put the products through enough scrutiny and testing to ensure that they will not harm the patients who use them. Patients may develop medical complications that cause them to become injured or deal with more severe health issues that put them in unnecessary danger.

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