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Dangers of Keyless Car Safety Standards

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers discuss the dangers associated with keyless cars. Keyless cars indicate an evolution in vehicle manufacturing. This evolution is exciting, however, it is also leading to new problems and safety concerns. The trend of keyless cars is relatively new, therefore, people are learning about the adverse effects of this technology the hard way. However, strides are being made in order to implement safety standards.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Keyless cars tend to be convenient, however, the negative effects can be disastrous. Some of these disastrous effects occurred in East Providence, Rhode Island when an 86-year-old man forgot to turn his keyless vehicle off. The key fobs in keyless cars can be separated from the vehicle. Therefore, when one forgets to shut off a vehicle’s engine, it could lead to tragedy. For the 86-year-old man, the carbon monoxide emitted from the engine eventually seeped into his house. Unfortunately, this led to his death.

The man’s death is not an isolated incident. According to an auto safety expert, there have been over 30 fatalities from similar occurrences.

Rollaway Motor Vehicle Accidents

Another safety concern for keyless cars are rollaway accidents. Rollaway accidents tend to occur when a vehicle’s braking systems fail. However, with keyless vehicles, rollaway accidents can happen without braking failures. This is because some vehicles are able to be turned off, despite not having the car in park. This could lead a vehicle to roll away, leading to an accident or injuring a pedestrian.

Opportunities for Change

The fatalities and injuries that have already occurred from keyless vehicles is unsettling. However, representatives and safety organizations are taking steps to improve safety standards. One representative, the U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, proposed a bill called the Risks of Keyless Ignition Technology Act; otherwise referred to as the PARK IT Act.

The PARK IT Act strives to enforce safety standards for keyless vehicles. The safety standards will primarily address carbon monoxide poisoning and rollaway accidents. If the Act becomes a law, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will begin enforcing certain safety features, including an automatic engine shut off and engaged locking features. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate the number of injuries and fatalities associated with keyless vehicles.

Although the PARK IT Act strives to mandate safety standards, there are already keyless vehicles on the market that have important safety features. These safety features should be enforced on all vehicles. This will ultimately set a safety standard that will eliminate injuries and fatalities from keyless vehicles.

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