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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers provide helpful steps to take after a car accident. Learning what steps to take after a car accident and discussing them with new drivers can be very valuable information to have well in advance of any car accident. At the time of a crash, drivers are not expecting to be in a situation where they must stop on the side of a road where there may be in danger or they may be injured.

There are an average of about 350 reportable traffic crashes every day in Pennsylvania. Of these, roughly 220 people are injured and three people die. The odds of being in a crash at some point in your life is high and it could be entirely unavoidable. Being prepared with what to do after an accident could save you from headaches in the future.

Some important steps to take immediately after an accident:

  • Call for help. The simplest number to remember is to dial 911 first. State law requires drivers to render “reasonable assistance” where they see an injured person in an accident situation. Calling 911 or rendering other type of help could be considered reasonable depending on the circumstances. If you are injured, do not refuse medical help. Whether or not you are injured, do not leave the scene of the accident until you have either exchanged information with the other driver if a police officer does not come or the police officer has left the scene.
  • Obtain a police report. Obtaining a police report is not an admission of guilt and could be helpful whether the accident was your fault or not. Get the name and badge number of the officer who will be issuing the report and ask when and how it will become available to you.
  • Do not admit guilt at the scene of the accident. Do not admit to causing the crash. Of course, you must tell the police the truth about what happened at the time of the accident, but do not discuss the accident extensively with other people at the scene.
  • Gather evidence. Always gather evidence on your own behalf of what happened. This could include taking your own pictures of the damage to your car and the other drivers’ cars. This can also include talking to witnesses who were not involved in the accident. Get their names and phone numbers and ask them what they saw. Write down your own observations about the conditions during the time of the accident. Make a diagram of the accident for your own keeping in case you may need it later.
  • Collect contact info. Get information from the other drivers involved in the accident. Ask the other drivers their name, address, insurance information, vehicle owner and address, and driver’s license information.
  • Contact an attorney. If you or your passenger were seriously injured, consult with an experienced car accident lawyer for advice before giving any statements to an insurance adjuster.       

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