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Road Safety Tips for Prom Night

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers provide detailed safety tips to help teens avoid prom night car accidents. For teenagers, the end of the school year means the opportunity to attend prom. To make sure the night is a celebration, all parents and their teens should put measures in place to reduce the risk of car accidents on prom night. The following are some of the wisest ways to ensure that danger does not accompany dancing.

Agree to Zero Alcohol

Drinking and driving is a leading cause of highway fatalities, as well as driver and passenger injury. Parents should speak with their prom-going teens about the dangers of drinking alcohol or taking drugs, regardless of whether they are driving. They should also be reminded that consumption of any amount of alcohol is illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Every student who rides with someone else should have a backup transportation plan in case of emergency.

Buckle Up

Simply using seat belts can save the lives of teens heading to prom if they get into an accident. In fact, seat belts were linked to nearly 15,000 lives saved in 2017 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Seat belts should be used in both the front and back seats.

Drive Within Posted Speed Limits

Prom night is a time to enjoy the experience, including getting to and from prom and after-prom activities. A good way to make wonderful memories that do not include car crash injuries is to drive within safe speed limits. New drivers should be reminded of all speed limits on their routes. Young drivers may want to trace their expected driving routes before prom during daytime hours to become more familiar with the streets.

Hire a Driver

Limousine drivers, Uber operators, taxi drivers, and “parent chauffeurs” relieve teens from the need to pick up friends or drop them off after prom has ended. Not only does this help young people concentrate on having fun, but it eliminates the chances that they will drive under distractions or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Limit Passengers

Young prom attendees should not “pack” themselves into any car, SUV, or truck. This is not only unsafe, but it can end in tragedy in the event of a car crash. There should be a seat belt for every person in the vehicle.

Turn Off Phones and Devices

Cell phone use while driving is high among teenagers. Encourage all students to turn off their phones on their way to prom. If nothing else, the driver should put his or her phone in the glove compartment to avoid distractions.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Prom wear is typically formal, which usually means high heels for young ladies and dress shoes for young men. These types of footwear may be uncomfortable, which can make driving more challenging. Drivers should wear sneakers or regular shoes to drive to and from prom.

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