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Fisher-Price Warns Consumers About Rock’n Play Sleeper

Fisher-Price Warns Consumers About Rock’n Play SleeperFisher-Price is warning consumers about the potentially fatal hazards of using the Rock’n Play sleeper. Since 2015, about ten infant fatalities allegedly occurred due to the use of the product. The company recommends only using the product until the infant reaches three months old or displays the ability to roll over. Reports allege that the fatalities may have occurred when the infants rolled over in the seat unrestrained. In the recent past, Fisher-Price warned consumers about the potential hazards although a recall has not yet been issued.

Products designed for children and infants must adhere to safety guidelines and ensure that they do not lead to unnecessary and devastating injuries or worse. Sometimes, though, a product may feature undetected flaws that may endanger a child, or the manufacturer may fail to inform consumers of the hazards by placing a warning on the product. Injuries that result from the use of a defective toy, stroller, or seat may be life-threatening for a child or require extensive and costly medical interventions.

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