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Students Removed from Glen Mills Schools Due to Abuse Claims

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers report on the removal of male students from a PA school due to abuse claims. Glen Mills Schools has been under investigation since February for abuse accusations and deliberate informational cover-ups. As of recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has issued a removal of all boys from the school’s campus. The oldest reform school still existing in the U.S. is under investigation over concerns of misconduct, mistreatment and abuse that poses danger to the children at the facility.

Staff members at Glen Mills have been accused of harmful and dangerous acts directed toward the boys at the school, including intense punishment and torture. Physical harm such as choking and punching has been documented and staff have even been accused of breaking bones of students. The counselors at the school are accused of being in on the scheme and have been accused of hurting their students and forcing them to fight one another. After the boys would get injured, the counselors would reportedly withhold medical attention and medication as another form of punishment. These violent acts were kept in silence due to the threats that the children say they heard from their abusers.

Students Taken Out of Harm’s Way

The department of Human Services has stepped in to ensure that children are no longer being harmed physically or emotionally. The remaining 54 boys at the school were removed from the premises. Endangering the welfare of children is a crime and anyone who had a part in these actions will be held accountable.

Despite the many allegations against the staff at Glen Mills, the school’s leaders dispute all claims and accusations made against them. Glen Mills has 10 days to request an appeal hearing and provide a statement on why they disagree with the accusations made against them by the state, DHS and the many students who claim they have been the subject of abuse.

Governor Tom Wolf supports the DHS staff and encourages them to further their investigation and do whatever is necessary to bring justice to the children who were involved in these abuse claims.

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