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Infotainment System Hazards

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on the distractions caused by vehicle infotainment systems. A few years ago, built-in navigation systems and touch-screens were a costly item, mainly for top-end vehicles. Today, even the makers of inexpensive cars are offering them as a feature.

It has been well-documented that using a smartphone while driving is a dangerous form of distracted driving. Most drivers presume that using their newer dashboard infotainment system is safer. But that is not necessarily true, according to research from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety worked with a team of automotive researchers to evaluate five 2017 and 2018 models, to compare the amount of visual and mental distraction caused by smartphone systems Apple CarPlay and Android Auto against each vehicle’s native infotainment system.

According to the AAA study, the smartphone-based systems proved less distracting to drivers than the built-in systems.

Smarter but Still Hazardous

The study showed that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are still problematic in terms of distraction. But they still tested as less distracting than the native, built-in system counterparts offered by car makers.

Tests showed that some of the car makers’ native touchscreen systems involved more menus and greater amounts of text, all of which increase the demand on a drivers’ attention. Some systems varied also in terms of which features are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were less distracting in tests, requiring less time to complete a given task. Be that as it may, tasks still took up too much time to be safe on the road, such as the 33 seconds it took to complete a navigation task.

Drivers traveling at 25 mph who look away from the road for 33 seconds to complete a task on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are driving blind over the equivalent length of three football fields. That is a gap in attention no driver should feel comfortable allowing.

Worse, the study found that drivers traveling at the same speed using a native, built-in system may be driving blind for 48 seconds.

Warnings from AAA

AAA warns drivers to use in-vehicle infotainment technology sparingly when behind the wheel, to minimize distraction.

The study shows that different navigation and infotainment systems lead to different levels of risk, that these risks can inevitably lead to car accidents, and those accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Use common sense. Infotainment systems are becoming increasingly integrated in new car models, but they can still be a major cause of distracted driving. Like mobile phone use, it is best to err on the side of caution, and not employ these technologies while driving.

Drivers have a legal duty of care to others on the road. They should think long and hard before engaging in activities that put the lives of themselves and others in danger.

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