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Strange Causes of Distracted Driving

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on strange causes of distracted driving. People hear distracted driving, and they immediately think of texting. But texting and using the cellphone are just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers have found that people behind the wheel engage in a wide range of strange. distracted behaviors.

The Delaware car accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC want to share some of these findings.

What Are the Most Extreme Types of Distracted Driving?

  • The number one cause of extreme distraction turns out to be people kissing, necking, and engaging in other amorous behavior.
  • Drivers who brush and style their hair while the car is in motion.
  • The next most frequent cause of distracted driving accidents is drivers changing clothes.
  • Other grooming rituals that lead to injuries include applying makeup, such as lipstick and mascara, and brushing and flossing one’s teeth.
  • There are drivers who take selfies behind the wheel.
  • Some drivers believe that the best time to scratch off lotto tickets is on the highway.
  • Drivers switch positions with the person beside them.
  • Finally, according to a report by Erie Insurance, numerous accidents are caused by people relieving themselves while driving.

You may be tempted to laugh off these behaviors, but innocent people are injured in these accidents, not just the self-absorbed drivers who cause them.

Worse, in 2015 alone, distracted driving accidents left 3,500 dead.

Other Findings

An array of reports and interviews yielded these insights about what causes distracted driving accidents:

Emotion: People who have caused accidents often report that they were feeling stressed, angry, or depressed. If you feel too agitated to be on the highway, it may be time to park and take some slow breaths until you are composed again.

Eating while driving: Tow truck operators will tell you about the many cars they are hauling away that have French fries, spilled drinks, and half-eaten sandwiches on the floor mats.

Music: People get distracted by music, especially when drivers are young. When the volume is turned up, it is harder to gauge the environment around you. One study conducted in Israel suggests that ballads and quieter songs are less likely to cause crashes than thundering hard rock.

Pets: There are drivers who drive with their dog in their lap, and others who feed their dogs while driving. Dogs are often unprotected in case of a serious crash. Do your pet a favor and park him in a backseat crate during trips. There are also seatbelts designed to keep pets safe.

Children: Kids in the car are perhaps the greatest distraction of all. One study revealed that parents, especially parents of infants and very young children, are attending to their kids a frightening percentage of time, even on short trips to school or to the store.

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