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Not All Electrical Worker Injuries Involve Electricity

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers weigh in on electrical worker injuries.It is an electrified world, and few of us are more than a few inches from enough current to kill us.

But the fact is, electricians and other construction workers face other dangers in the job than just electricity.

Insurance companies categorize injuries to electricians in four ways, starting with electrocution but including falls, caught-in, and struck-by.

Falls – When Electricians Fall Down

Electricians work on ladders and scaffolds, where danger is always near. They have a serious risk of slip and falls and trip and falls. Construction sites are constantly in flux, so it is easy to take a wrong step.

Struck-by – When Electricians Absorb Impact

In addition, things fall from heights and may injure them. Cranes collapse. Ceilings, walls, scaffolds, tools, construction debris and more can all come down from time to time.

Construction vehicles and cranes in motion are another potential struck-by risk.

Caught-in – When Electricians Are Trapped

Electricians often work in tight areas, and are stuck, trapped, or crushed. On a busy worksite it is not uncommon to get pinned between vehicles.

Other Injuries Electrical Workers Are Susceptible To

There are any number of potential hazards that can expose an electrical worker to injury. Some of these may include:

  • They work with tools that puncture or lacerate: knives, saws, sharp metal, nails.
  • They can work long hours outside in extreme temperatures and wet situations.
  • An electrical spark while they are working can trigger a fire or explosion.
  • They suffer disabling back injuries from lugging heavy equipment.
  • Getting sick because of toxic chemicals, solvents, asbestos and lead is a risk. Electricians come in contact with health-threatening mold, asbestos, diseases borne by birds on the roof and rats everywhere else. Also, electricians can absorb UV radiation from welding.
  • They can be injured because they are working solo, and there is no one to help them out if they get into trouble.
  • Electricians suffer from repetitive stress injuries.
  • They may be struck by lightning, in especial if they are working on a roof or some sort of service tower.

The work of an electrician is sufficiently dangerous, so that even if electric current were not a part of it, electrical contractors on construction sites would rate high on the list of dangerous professions.

Without question, the biggest danger an electrical worker faces remains electric shock and, in particular if it causes death by electrocution.

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