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Public Safety and Construction

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers weigh in on public safety and construction site accidents.When you hear the words “construction site accident,” it is likely you automatically think of construction workers experiencing injuries. While it is true that construction workers are the majority of those injured on construction sites, a considerable number of construction accident victims are ordinary members of the public, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The problem occurs most often in cities, where separating the public from major construction is not an easy task.

Guarding Public Safety

Part of the management plan for any major construction site is guarding public safety. There are also state and local regulations to protect the public, which construction managers must follow. Specific people must be assigned to attend to public safety on the site, so that nothing is left to chance.

Major Issues for the Public at Worksites

Many of the accidents and deaths occurring at construction sites are avoidable. People who are not supposed to enter the site should not have access. That means putting up fences and posting signs, warning members of the public not to enter.

Clearly defined boundaries between the public space and the construction zone can limit accidents. Members of the public injured at worksites generally do not realize they have wandered into a work area; or curious individuals might want to investigate the space when the day’s work is done. These are often neighborhood children, who are not aware of the danger construction sites may pose. Construction management must ensure the area is secured to keep the “lookers” out.

Falling into Holes

Unfortunately, far too many construction site accidents involving the public relate to someone falling into a hole, trench, or other opening. This should not be the case. Any such opening requires fencing around it, as well as warning signs.

If a hole opens suddenly, someone from the construction team should guard it, to ensure no pedestrians fall in until a fence is put up.

Falling Objects

People on the ground are often killed or severely injured by objects falling from the upper levels of construction sites. The construction firm should erect sidewalk sheds around the walkways, to keep items from hitting pedestrians; and install netting on the site, so that any falling objects are caught before they can hit someone.

Construction Sites and Vehicles

Pedestrians are not the only people vulnerable to construction site accidents. Those driving in the area may also experience problems. Construction may change traffic patterns, so a driver could end up on a construction site and in the path of construction vehicles by mistake.

It is imperative that construction companies erect barricades and put up signage to prevent such occurrences. In a heavily trafficked area, especially during rush hour, a flag person should direct vehicles.

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