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Worker Injuries Still Plague High-Rise Construction

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers discuss high-rise construction injuries. Major metro areas like Philadelphia are rightfully proud of their skylines, featuring office towers, hotels, apartment complexes and more. Tall buildings are a sign of economic vitality.

But few tall buildings go up without serious injuries to the men and women who build them.

The best way to understand high rise construction is that it is an investment. Investors want buildings to go up quickly, and cost as little as possible, to maximize profit. In pursuit of return on investment, safety is often given short shrift.

Only when a worker is seriously injured or killed on the job does the carelessness of the employer – and a sense of the total cost of building a building – become clear.

Many Kinds of Injury Risks

All construction workers know they work in a risky line of business. But those risks increase with the number of stories in the new building.

Chief among these risks:

  • Falling from ladders, scaffolds, and being blown from the building by stiff winds
  • Getting hit by collapsing walls, falling objects, debris, and tools
  • Working without safety railings
  • Lack or poor quality of safety harnesses
  • Being struck by debris, materials or other workers
  • Suffering electrical shocks or burns
  • Machinery and equipment accidents
  • Accidents occurring while driving or unloading
  • Fires, toxic gas, and flammable materials
  • Getting trapped between heavy objects like walls or vehicles
  • Repetitive stress injuries

Every Worker Is Vulnerable

These risks apply to everyone on site, whether they are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons, truck drivers, or anyone else working performing their job to erect the high-rise.

Despite safety innovations such as safety harnesses, guardrails, signage, real-time communications, safety netting both vertically and below, and smartphone apps, injuries continue to occur.

Much of the responsibility for keeping workers safe falls to the project managers running the site. The best project managers train workers in safety relentlessly, so they know the rules and dangers. They conduct safety audits that identify dangers particular to the site, as well as take steps to reduce the hazards at these points in the construction process.

Injuries Still Happen

When injuries do happen, workers and surviving family members can file Workers’ Compensation claims to compensate for their loss. Workers’ Compensation can be a bureaucratic tangle, however, that the average person will struggle to contend with.

That’s where an experienced Philadelphia construction accident lawyer is essential to obtaining every dollar due to injured workers and their families.

Many factors must be considered, in order to eliminate serious injury working on high buildings. Facility designs must be improved with safety in mind.

Safety equipment, which is good today, is always becoming better. New technologies, like wearable sensors, keep on eye on where workers are, and whether they need help. Exoskeletons can help workers avoid heavy-lifting injuries and provide added stability.

Greater efforts in the areas of safety education and awareness go a long way towards accident and injury prevention.

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