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Passing Trucks and Buses Safely

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss passing trucks and buses safely to avoid accidents and injuries. Due to their sheer size, trucks and buses create unique dangers for the motorists they share the road with. Larger vehicles of this type have limited visibility and may not be able to detect a car in the process of passing them – until it is too late to avoid a car accident.

Even more alarming is the fact that large trucks with extended cabs may have trouble detecting a vehicle traveling closely in front of them. This, combined with the fact that both trucks and buses need extended braking time to slow down, makes for a harrowing combination.

Drivers who think they are going to quickly pass a truck or bus and scoot in front of these large vehicles are risking their lives, the lives of their passengers, and everyone else on the road.

Passing Larger Vehicle Safety Tips

When sharing the roadways with tractor-trailers, buses, and other large vehicles, make sure to be aware of the dangers and to exercise extra caution.

Additionally, follow these safety tips before attempting to pass a truck or bus:

  • Warn the driver of your intentions by turning on your blinker.
  • Make sure you can see the driver in their side mirror.
  • Avoid passing trucks and buses on a downgrade where they may have difficulty braking.
  • Never pass from the right lane.
  • Never attempt to pass a turning truck.

When it seems safe to pass, make sure to accelerate while doing so, to avoid lingering in the driver’s blind spot. Blind spots, or “no-zones,” are the areas behind and alongside of a truck or bus where the driver has very limited or no visibility.

After the truck or bus is passed successfully, leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the truck or bus before reentering the lane. As a rule of thumb, make sure the larger vehicle is fully visible in your rearview mirror before pulling in front of it.

Truck and Bus Accidents

However, motorists who are unaware of the inherent dangers of larger vehicles are not the only ones who cause accidents. Although professional drivers are highly trained and licensed, they may be driving drowsy, intoxicated, or distracted. Trucks and buses that swerve in and out of their lane make passing a dangerous idea.

Additionally, sometimes things go wrong that are out of the driver’s control, and when they do, motorists need to be extra diligent to avoid a catastrophe.

For example, the GTG Technology Group reports that some of the top causes of accidents involving trucks are:

  • Equipment failure: Defective or dangerous parts created by the manufacturer can malfunction at the wrong time.
  • Cargo overload: Overweight loads can make the vehicle difficult to control or cause cargo to fall off the truck.
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance: Worn brake pads, cracked windshields, and tire blowouts can cause devastating accidents.

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