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Least Safe Cars Still on the Road

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss unsafe cars that are still on the road. Any car can get into an accident. But drivers and passengers are much more likely to suffer serious injuries or death when traveling in cars with low safety ratings. Dangerous cars come in all sizes and from various manufacturers, domestic and foreign.

Much depends on the year of the car, since the same models have different safety ratings based on the date of manufacture. Those in the market for a used car should always check out safety ratings. A bargain does not count for much if it puts you and your family in peril.

Top 10 Dangerous Vehicles

This is a top 10 list on which no manufacturer wants its vehicles included. The data is current to 2018.

The 10 dangerous vehicles include:

  1. Hyundai Accent Sedan 2012-2014: This car holds the dubious distinction of the deadliest vehicle on the road, and has done so since 2011. That also means no real improvement has been made in models since that time.

In crash tests, dummies received what would have been head trauma in human beings, and in a serious crash, the driver’s section is especially vulnerable for the left side of the body.

  1. Kia Rio: Coming in a close second in terms of deadly crashes, and first when considering overall fatalities and serious accidents for the 21st century, the Kia Rio shows head and leg injury potential in crash tests.
  2. Scion tC – 2011-2014: This vehicle has a particularly high driver fatality rate, and the way drivers die is also striking. Unlike most fatal crashes involving vehicles with low safety records, most driver deaths occurred in single vehicle crashes, with a 50 percent rollover rate.
  3. Chevrolet Spark: Small vehicles such as the Spark have higher fatality rates than larger cars, but in the Spark driver side airbags did little to mitigate the risk. Even when these airbags deployed correctly, their design did not supply enough protection for the head.
  4. Nissan Versa 2011- 2014: This vehicle also has airbag issues, with deployment lacking adequate head protection.
  5. Ford Fiesta sedan 2011-2014: This is another vehicle in which crash test dummies experienced the equivalent of severe head and leg injuries. In real life, driver fatalities generally involve multi-vehicle accidents.
  6. Kia Soul 2010-2013: When it comes to small wagons, the Kia Soul is the one in which occupants are most likely to die during a crash. Drivers of the vehicle are particularly vulnerable.
  7. Dodge Challenger: This car has never done well in crash tests, no matter the vehicle year. On the road, it is the deadliest of muscle cars.
  8. Nissan Titan 2011-2014: While the Titan is a truck, it is not much safer than a smaller vehicle. That is due to weakness in its roof, and about half of driver deaths occurred in rollovers.
  9. Nissan Sentra: Among midsize vehicles, the Nissan Sentra leads the way in driver fatalities.

Being aware of performance ratings for cars of any model year is a smart way to avoid injuries in accidents.

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