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Driving Hazards in the Fall

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers offer insight into fall car accidents and what to watch out for this autumn. As of 2009, there were more than 31,000 living deer in Delaware, according to one count. This time of year is when they mate and are on the move. This is just one of many road hazards to consider as we head into fall.

Here are some hazards you might want to think about, to avoid potential car accidents.

Kids, Everywhere

You will see children throughout the day: preschoolers and first graders waiting for the bus; middle schoolers chasing one another into the street; high schoolers with brand-new drivers’ licenses; buses loaded with kids stopping before crossing train tracks.

In addition to motor traffic, drivers must keep an eye out for pedestrians and all these possibilities, which, because children are children, can be hard to anticipate.

Around School Buses

You may not pass buses that have stopped for kids, even if you are late for work. This is true whether the bus is headed toward you or away from you. If its lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended, stop.

Never tailgate a bus — give kids room to board.

Dynamic Weather

September through December, the weather can do almost anything, such as:

  • pelting rain
  • steady rain
  • blinding sunshine
  • impenetrable fog
  • slippery snow
  • icy roads

You must pay attention to shifting conditions and adapt your driving to them.

Leaves and Vegetation

We marvel at Delaware’s beauty as colors change and leaves begin to fall. Be on the lookout for the car ahead of you stopping suddenly to admire the view. Sightseeing is a leading cause of rear-enders.

Wet or dry, leaves and other vegetation can create real problems for drivers. They can make slippery patches on roads that can make braking an adventure.

They might also hide what is below them. When leaves cover a pothole or some other object, cars can go out of control.

Visibility Problems

As we leave summer behind, sunrise and sunset occur closer together. Some mornings you will be driving in the dark. When the sun does come up, it hits us at a sharper angle than it does during summer months, sometimes making it impossible to see what is in front of you. This is a serious problem at intersections and where kids and school buses are involved.

When conditions are challenging, make adjustments. Make use of good sunglasses, visors, and the back of your hand to see through the glare. Some drivers have their windshield tinted. If possible, adjust your drive to avoid the roads when the glare is the worst.

Surprises on the Road

When we drive, we expect reasonable behavior, such as the other driver will stay in his or her lane, the traffic signal will work properly, etc. But the behavior of deer and other animals, including pets, is difficult to predict. They can leap in front of you or freeze in place. Striking a deer can total your car and cause you great emotional distress as well.

The best advice is to slow down, be patient, and pay close attention. Driving is serious business. For your safety and peace of mind, be aware of the possibilities at this beautiful time of year.

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