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NDMA Contamination Cancer Risk Found in Medications

NDMA Contamination Cancer Risk Found in MedicationsIn July 2018, the FDA issued a voluntary recall of several blood pressure and heart failure medications containing the active ingredient, valsartan. The move was made after it was discovered that the drug contained a potentially fatal carcinogen called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Over 20 countries issued similar recalls. FDA officials caution that medications containing the hazardous substance may have been sold for nearly four years. As such, countless patients were unknowingly exposed to the dangerous drug, and may be at risk for serious harm.

According to reports, the affected medications were manufactured in a Chinese facility. NDMA was discovered during routine testing of the active ingredients. Its presence is thought to have been caused by a change in the manufacturing process. Generally, the impurity is used in the production of liquid rocket fuel, softeners, and lubricants, and is a by-product from the manufacture of certain pesticides, rubber tires, and even fish processing. NDMA is considered toxic and may cause liver and kidney cancer and respiratory issues.

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