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School Zones and Safe Driving

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss safety to help drivers avoid school zone accidents. School is starting again, and that means it is time for drivers to again start paying special attention when driving in school zones. Whether you are traveling in a school zone or not, you must be on the lookout for young pedestrians, bikers, and parents dropping off their kids, or working with the pickup and drop-off of children on school buses. To avoid car accidents, take care to share the road.

Good School Zone Habits

Whether you must drive past a school zone or are dropping off or picking up your own children, it is crucial to develop good habits for operating a vehicle in a school zone.

Never let children out of your car across the street from a school, or have them cross the road to access your vehicle. More children are hit by cars around their schools than anywhere else. Avoid double parking, since other drivers and kids will have trouble seeing around your vehicle.

If possible, carpool with other parents so that the number of vehicles at the school in the morning and afternoon are reduced. When you are in a school zone, always take extra precautions and watch for the presence of children crossing the road.

School Buses

No one likes getting stuck behind a school bus, especially one making frequent stops. However, it is illegal to pass a school bus when it is picking up or dropping off students. When you are behind a bus, give it more room than you would if you were behind a smaller vehicle.

If you have a child at a bus stop, make sure your child knows not to go into the street while they are waiting. Instruct your child to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before they attempt to enter or exit the vehicle.

Walkers and Bikers

Many kids walk or ride their bikes to school, especially in good weather. Stay vigilant and watch for these youngsters. Even though cyclists must obey the rules of the road, young children may not know the rules or simply ignore them. Kids may often make a turn without signaling, or even looking where they are going.

Keep an eye out for bicycles emerging from residential driveways or traveling between parked cars. If you park on the street near a school zone, always check your side mirrors prior to opening the car door. Not doing so can easily lead you to hit a bicyclist or walker.

Avoid scaring kids by honking your horn, unless it is an absolute emergency. When you see flashers blinking at a crosswalk, make sure to stop and allow pedestrians to cross.

If you are trying to make a turn at a crosswalk, do not stop in the middle of it. This could cause pedestrians to walk around your vehicle, putting them in harm’s way. Always obey signs held or signals given by school crossing guards.

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Help Victims of School Zone Accidents

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