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In My Feelings Challenge and Reckless Driving

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss distracted and reckless driving caused by a dance challenge. The latest internet challenge, also known as the #Keke challenge, involves people jumping out of moving cars to film themselves while they dance alongside the vehicle. In some videos, the driver can be seen dancing while the passenger films; and in others, the passenger jumps out while the driver films.

Those who have been injured, thus far, have survived and gained national recognition for it, causing others to create more outrageous and dangerous ways to complete the challenge.

However, what many of the participants many not be aware of is that police departments and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are anticipating more serious injuries to come, and have growing concerns about how this reckless behavior jeopardizes the safety of others on the road.

Delaware Reckless Endangerment

Police across the nation are going on record to remind the public that filming behind the wheel is a form of distracted driving, and stepping out of a moving vehicle puts everyone’s life in danger.

Although the seriousness of the situation will determine the type of citation issued, those who participate in the In My Feelings Challenge, if caught, could be facing a reckless endangerment charge.

Delaware defines reckless driving as driving “in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” The consequences of doing so include:

  • Ten to 30 days in jail
  • $100 to $300 in fines
  • 6 points on your license

However, the above consequences are only for first time offenders. Subsequent offenders will be subject to even more severe penalties.

More importantly, if a driver causes the death of another person through reckless driving, that person could be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Delaware Vehicular Homicide Laws

A driver can be convicted of vehicular homicide if there is proof that negligent driving caused the death. Delaware has two types of vehicular homicide laws:

  • First degree: Causing the death of another by operating a vehicle in a criminally negligent manner while in violation of Delaware’s DUI laws.
  • Second degree: Causing the death of another by operating a vehicle in a criminally negligent manner OR in a negligent manner while in violation of the state’s DUI laws.

Negligence vs Criminal Negligence

Negligence involves failing to exercise the degree of care that a reasonable person would under like circumstances. For example, driving too fast on a snow-covered road is negligent, because a reasonable person would know the roads were slick and adjust their speed accordingly.

However, criminal negligence is more severe, because the driver failed to take the degree of care necessary but also acted in a way that posed a substantial risk to others.

Penalties for a vehicular homicide conviction include up to 15 years in jail, hefty fines, and a four-year license suspension. Those charged with vehicular manslaughter, whether convicted or not, would also be subject to a wrongful death lawsuit.

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