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Motorcycle Accidents

Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers represent injured victims of motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists enjoy riding most when the weather is mild. Their appearance on the roads after winter is like a modern-day robin, signaling the change in seasons.

During the warm weather months, motorcycles join the high volume of cars traveling across the nation’s roads. Love them or hate them, motorists must share the road with motorcyclists.

Risks of Riding

To a motorcyclist, the feeling of freedom offered by the motorcycle is worth the extra risk that riding entails. But the added risk is significant. The bike is less stable than a car because it is only on two wheels. Additionally, motorcycles are less visible than cars because of their small size.

If they are in a motor vehicle accident, bikers are far more prone to serious injury, because they have little or no protection from impact, such as the safety-cages of cars. Really, the only thing separating the biker from injury is his or her clothing and helmet.

A recent Federal study has shown that per mile traveled, the number of fatalities on motorcycles was almost 29 times the number in cars. According to the comprehensive study of motorcycle accidents called the Hurt Report, a majority of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with a car.

Most of those car accidents are the fault of the driver of the car.

According to that report:

  • The biggest cause of motorcycle accidents is when the other driver does not see the biker
  • More than two-thirds of crashes between a car and a motorcycle happen when the driver of the car violates the biker’s right-of-way
  • Intersections are the most common place where these accidents happen
  • The vast majority of accidents involve motorcyclists who have had no professional training, but learned on their own or from friends or family

Precautions to Reduce Risk

Both bikers and car drivers can take extra precautions to avoid accidents.

A helmet that meets Department of Transportation crash-test standards is the single most important factor in reducing the risk of fatality and traumatic brain injury from an accident. Further, a full-face helmet reduces risk of injury in a crash to a much greater extent than a half-face helmet. It also helps if the helmet is a bright color, which improves visibility.

Another important precaution is to take a motorcycle rider safety course, to learn and practice valuable skills before hitting the road.

Car drivers need to appreciate the need to exercise due care in making sure a biker is not in their path, especially when turning. This includes avoiding risky driving such as distracted or impaired driving. When visibility is low, such as at twilight, or when driving in a parking lot where there are obstructions like trees and shrubs, drivers should make sure a bike is not in their path.

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