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Woman Fatally Injured in Upper Saucon Township Motor Vehicle Crash

A woman sustained fatal injuries in a motor vehicle crash that took place in Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania. On Wednesday morning, around 4:36 am, the fatal accident occurred on Route 309 between a minivan and a tractor trailer. The victim who was in her late teens or early 20s was a passenger in the vehicle. Allegedly, other parties in the motor vehicle crash incurred a range of injuries which were not disclosed.

Many times, when a smaller vehicle engages in a crash with a tractor trailer or another large vehicle, the results may be catastrophic. Victims in this type of accident may suffer from debilitating injuries or even fatalities. Some truck drivers may experience driver fatigue, which may contribute to a serious accident, or may not possess the necessary skills or training to safely maneuver an unwieldy, large vehicle to its destination.

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