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Road Trip Tips

Half the fun is getting there. Whoever said that did not take a long road trip with young children in tow. Chances are, if you are trying to save money and enjoy a summer holiday, you are going to drive to your destination. Be sure to prepare in advance. It may not be half the fun, but hopefully these tips on getting there will help make the drive more enjoyable and car accident free.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

Make sure the tires, battery, belts, fluids, and air conditioner are all in proper working order. If you are using a car seat or booster for an infant or young child, verify it is properly in place. Also, be sure you have the right size seat for the height and weight of your child. Bring along some games for the kids so they do not get bored.

Clean out unnecessary stuff from the vehicle. Anything not secured can turn into a projectile at sudden stops. Heavy items such as suitcases and strollers are best stowed in the trunk. If you must keep them in the seating area, stow them low.

Start Fresh

Sometimes you take a vacation because you need one. But, starting a road trip when you are already tired does not make sense. Get at least seven hours of sleep a night for a couple of days before you set out on a long trip. Also, people are more naturally drowsy between 1pm and 3pm. Try not to start your trip at this time. Even if you are well rested, knowing other drivers may not be is wise.

Eat Smart

It may be tempting to stop at a convenience store and eat whatever is on the shelves. Unfortunately, most of those snacks do not have much nutritional value and can also contribute to conditions that could lead to drowsy driving. High-carb snacks are notorious for contributing to drowsiness.

Bring along some nutrient rich foods to sustain you between meals. Good snacks include nuts like almonds, or carrots and other vegetables.

Stay Hydrated

Another energy-sucker is dehydration. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Drinking water is best. Of course, you may be trading off having to take more rest stops, but maintaining proper alertness is worth it.

Alcohol does not hydrate. Drunk driving is a serious problem, so it should be an obvious tip to never drive after consuming alcohol, especially when taking a long road trip.

Be Alert

Break up a long trip every few hours. Stop, stretch, and even take a short walk to get refreshed. Planning out your trip before getting on the road can ensure that the stops you take are at places where there is a nice view, or at least a rest stop that is clean and safe.

At night the eyes become more sensitive to lights. Avoid staring into the oncoming lights directly to avoid being “blinded by the light.” Also, be sure to look far enough down the road to be aware of any traffic incidents that will require a sudden stop.

Despite your own increased preparedness for a road trip, you cannot account for the negligence of others.

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