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Safeguard Your Vehicle Against Potholes

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss accidents involving potholes and what to do if you hit one. Potholes in the road are more than just a nuisance.  They can cause auto accidents and significant damage to vehicles.  In fact, potholes are one of the top causes of car accidents.

These bowl-shaped openings in the road are caused by erosion and disintegration of the road. Sometimes up to 10 inches deep, they can grow to several feet. Rain water, snow, and ice hastens the process and creates a potential trap for vehicles.

Where you call home can increase your likelihood of running over a pothole. Potholes are a part of general poor road and overall driving conditions across the country.

In 2018, the 10 worst states to drive in are:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Washington
  3. Maryland
  4. California
  5. Connecticut
  6. Alaska
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Rhode Island
  9. New Jersey
  10. New York

While the state where you reside may determine your likelihood of running over a pothole, the type of vehicle that you own does not.  Mercedes, Toyota, Hyundai or Ford, no car make or model is exempt from the destruction of potholes.

The after-effects of potholes can be costly.  Car owners have reported spending thousands on car repairs.  The damage caused by potholes to vehicles is akin to the impact of a 35-mph car accident, especially if the pothole is considerably deep.  They most affect the suspension and shocks of a car.

Unseen Damage

Even if you avoid a car accident, if you run over a pothole, it is important to get your vehicle realigned.  Sometimes technicians fail to see the damage that has been done.  For example, a belt shift, cracked control arm, or corrosion is not easily visible; however, these issues can worsen the damage by presenting control problems and separating steering parts.

The most frequently cracked and impaired vehicle frame components are steering and suspension like shock absorbers and struts, bushings, control arm ball joints, and tie rods.


Motorcycles also experience the ill-fated harms of potholes.  Motorcycles have less safety features than cars and trucks.  Additionally, they weigh less.  These factors make motorcycles less-equipped to handle the impact of going over a pothole.  Consequently, the chances of encountering a serious accident running over a pothole significantly increases.

Reporting Potholes to Authorities

In addition to safeguarding your vehicle after a pothole experience, it is also a good idea to report potholes to state highway authorities.

When you do, remember to:

  • Provide the exact location of the pothole
  • Specify the dimensions: length, width, and depth (to the best of your ability)
  • Indicate if rain water was in the hole
  • Disclose whether the hole was on a bus route, or on trolley or railway tracks

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