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Several Victims Sustain Injuries After Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Crash

Several Victims Sustain Injuries After Philadelphia SEPTA Bus CrashAfter a SEPTA bus crash occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, several victims sustained personal injuries. On Wednesday afternoon, around 12:30 pm, the bus accident took place involving a SEPTA Route 33 bus and a car. The two vehicles collided near College and Ridge Avenues and caused seven victims injuries for which they were hospitalized. A confrontation between the two drivers ensued after the SEPTA bus crash.

SEPTA buses, trolleys, and other transportation vehicles provide rides to commuters and visitors on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with this constant presence on the road, SEPTA drivers may engage in accidents with other drivers, which could lead to accidents with serious implications for many including various injuries as well as potential fatalities. Skilled bus drivers may find it challenging to maneuver a large vehicle like a bus among smaller vehicles while other bus drivers may fail to use caution when operating one.

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