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Memorial Day Driving Hazards

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers provide safe travel tips to help families avoid Memorial Day car accidents. Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year, and the American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that, despite the highest gas prices since 2014, there will be nearly 40 million travelers on our highways during the three-day holiday in 2018, which amounts to 4.7 percent more than last year.

All of these extra vehicles and drivers out there can lead to more accidents and fatalities, which is something that no one wants to have happen on a holiday.  Spending time in an ER instead of at the beach, a family barbecue, or a picnic, can ruin your weekend – or there can be even worse consequences.

The National Safety Council (NSC) says that the three biggest causes of fatalities on the road are speeding, alcohol, and distracted driving.  And sadly enough, these are all preventable.

The Three Preventable Hazards

Distracted driving is a major public health issue.  You only have to look away from the road for a second to cause a crash. Yet drivers are frequently seen on cell phones while at the wheel.  Infotainment systems on dashboards also contribute to driver distraction.

Drinking and driving is another leading cause of accidents and fatalities, yet people still drive while under the influence.  Even one drink can cause impairment to the driver.

Aggressive driving, unsafe speed, and reckless driving can cause accidents.  There are always drivers passing everyone else on the road while traveling at very unsafe speeds.  Police officers are on high alert during Memorial Day Weekend, but they cannot be everywhere at once.

Children and Driving Safety

There are other important safety measures to be considered, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).  Child restraint systems, including safety seats, must be used correctly to work.  To help with this, local organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sponsor free car seat safety checks throughout the year.

Children up to the age of 12 should always ride in the back seat, and everyone in your vehicle should wear a seat belt consistently.  Be a good role model for your family by always wearing yours.

Also, as temperatures rise at the end of May, so will the inside heat in your car when the windows are closed.  Never leave a child in a hot car.  This incidence peaks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with most of the victims being ages three and younger.

The NSC also focuses on teen driver safety.   Add inexperience to the main risk factors, and you will understand why young drivers are involved in so many accidents.   The National Organization for Youth Safety is partnering in Global Youth Traffic Safety Month in May to empower young people to address the issue of teen motor vehicle crashes.

Summer Fun Should Include Safe Driving Practices

Put your cell phone on Do Not Disturb and keep your eyes on the road.  Maintaining safe driving speeds, being considerate of your fellow drivers, and pledging to never drink and drive should also be part of your Memorial Day Weekend plans.  Making these precautions a priority for the holiday – and for every day – will keep everyone safer on the road.

May 25 to May 29 is called the “official start of summer,” and can be one of the most fun and memorable times of the year.  But it is also a high-risk time to drive.  Take steps to ensure that you and every member of your family pays attention to safety rules of the road.

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Want to Help You Remain Safe Over the Holiday Weekend

While we hope that you will stay safe this Memorial Day Weekend, if you have been injured in a car accident, you need an experienced Delaware car accident lawyer from McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC.  We can provide you with the service you deserve, while determining what compensation you may be entitled to. Schedule your free consultation now. Call us today at 302-888-1221 or contact us online.