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Truck Safety Tips

Delaware County Truck Accident Lawyers provide detailed safety tips to help drivers avoid truck accidents. Truckers drive the largest, most powerful vehicles on the road. When a large truck gets into an accident, the results are exponentially worse than if a smaller vehicle is involved. Fortunately, there are many actions truckers can take to reduce the odds of getting into an accident. By following some basic safety tips, truck drivers can protect themselves, their fellow motorists, and their cargo.

Vehicle and Road Safety Tips

  • Truck drivers should rely on their trucker-specific GPS, to inform them of exit choice, the distance to the exit, local traffic reports, and other critical information. That does not mean not keeping the appropriate maps in the truck, but a trucker’s GPS is designed to give drivers specific data they need.
  • Check out the weather prior to embarking on a trip and keep checking reports along the way. Bad weather adds danger to a run, so it is crucial to always be prepared.
  • Try to avoid driving during peak traffic hours, if possible. The more vehicles on the road, the more likely an accident may happen.
  • Keep lane changes to a minimum. Automobile drivers change lanes constantly, but when a tractor-trailer changes lanes, the odds of an accident increase.
  • Truck drivers should allow ample space in front of the truck. The larger the cushion in front of the truck, the more time they have to slow down or stop in case there’s an accident ahead.
  • Maintain safe speed. While truck drivers are under pressure to deliver loads as quickly as possible, driving too fast is a key element in accidents. Speeding on ramps or curves is particularly dangerous.

 Driver Safety Tips

  • Truck drivers must always stay alert and avoid any distractions. That means sleeping eight hours out of 24 to maintain full mental functionality. If tired, they should park the truck and take a nap.
  • A truck driver may have to make split second decisions while on the road. A driver in good physical shape has better reflexes and ability to react.
  • Long-distance haulers often suffer from job-related neck or back pain. If pain is an issue, they should seek treatment. Focusing on hurt is the type of distraction that can cause a collision.
  • Plan the trip carefully. A trucker should not just look for the shortest routes, but also the safest.
  • A truck driver should take extra care at night. That’s especially true when in a new or strange place.

Vehicle Maintenance

A well-maintained truck is less likely to experience an accident than a truck whose maintenance has been neglected. Truckers should check their brakes, tires, fuel, horn, and lights, before heading out to the highway. Further, they should check the rig at every stop, even if just taking a bathroom break. It is also important to check the load and ensure it is stable, as well as looking under the truck to detect any oil or coolant leakage.

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