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Franconia Woman Fatally Injured After Car Crashed Into Home

Franconia Woman Fatally Injured After Car Crashed Into HomeAn elderly woman from Franconia Township, Pennsylvania sustained a fatality after a car crashed into her home. On Friday, around midnight, the fatal car accident occurred when a driver in his early 20s crashed into the victim’s bedroom. The car trapped the woman inside her home, and despite efforts to extricate the victim, she succumbed to her fatal injuries upon impact. The driver suffered from personal injuries after the car crashed into the house. An investigation will take place regarding the incident.

Although it sounds like a rare occurrence, a car or another vehicle crashing into a house or business may be more commonplace than believed. When this type of tragic and scary incident transpires, factors such as drowsy driving, distracted driving, or intoxicated driving may contribute to the accident. Building occupants may be in danger of incurring a variety of personal injuries or even fatalities when a vehicle crashes into a building.

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