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High Employee Turnover Rates

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Lawyers disccus the link between high employee turnover rates and workplace injuries.According to workforce risk managers, high employee turnover in retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries negatively impact worker safety. Most on-the-job accidents in these industries cause falls, cuts, burns, and bone and muscle injuries. The lack of continuity caused by seasonal workers, language barriers, and frequent job-hopping creates gaps in safety training and education that puts workers at risk.

Workplace Illness and Injury

High turnover is a factor in the modern workplace. Workers are more willing to job-hop, especially in industries where hourly rates are lower, and workers have less to lose by moving on. Without consistency, employers in hospitality and retail have difficulty creating and enforcing strong safety protocol. Not only do work-related illnesses and injuries cause pain and suffering, they impact an employer’s productivity and bottom line as well. There are ways to promote safety for every employee when they are on the job.

Safety experts recommend the following:

  • Safety equipment: Gloves, work boots, floor mats, and other safety equipment should always be readily available.
  • Established job functions: Certain jobs are more strenuous than others. Hospitality and retail often involve heavy lifting, for example. Ensure that employees are healthy enough to perform the duties expected of them.
  • Trained supervisors: A trained supervisor, well-versed in OSHA regulations and basic safety procedures, should be on-site whenever possible.
  • Clean environment: Keeping the workspace, retail store, or building well-maintained and free of debris is the key to preventing most work accidents. A brief safety inspection at the beginning of every shift is a great way to catch hazards early before they cause serious problems.
  • Large pictographs: Bright, easy-to-understand safety guides should be displayed throughout the workplace. Pictures overcome language barriers, take seconds to read and understand, and serve as present reminders of good safety practice.

High turnover is a factor in many industries, but it does not have to compromise worker safety. With good safety training, a trained supervisor to enforce safety regulations every day, and routine safety checks, accidents and injuries can be prevented.

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