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Survey Reveals Concerns with Automated Vehicles

Chester County Truck Accident Lawyers weigh in on concerns over the safety of autonomous vehicles. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 90 percent of all vehicular accidents are due to driver error. Over the years, efforts have been ongoing to increase safety by easing congestion, making roads easier to navigate, and making vehicles safer to drive. Technological advances in commercial trucks continue to equip vehicles with detection and warning systems for objects in blind spots and lane departures. However, as autonomous trucks prepare to hit the roads, drivers have expressed concerns in multiple areas of safety.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Newer technological advances include various degrees of self-driving vehicles.  Automated Driving Systems (ADS) come equipped with the ability to control steering and braking in certain instances. They can help avoid accidents from distracted driving through driver assistance functions, including self-parking and automated emergency braking.

The next generation is currently under development. ADS now include advanced spatial detection and communication systems and can perform all aspects of driving under limited circumstances. As they continue to be developed, all automated vehicles will ultimately make their way onto our roads.

Safety Concerns

A recent global survey, conducted by TUV Rheinland, on the use of automated vehicles conducted in China, Germany, and the United States shows many do not share the same view. Drivers do not want to let go of controlling their vehicles. In the U.S., only 34 percent of respondents say they believe driverless vehicles will increase road safety. When asked about top priorities, 47 percent said the ability to take full control of the vehicle, 45 percent said proof of functional safety through tests, and 43 percent said protecting the car against unauthorized access.

Privacy Concerns

Most motorists know that data in modern vehicles is recorded and transmitted to automobile manufacturers, including data on the condition of the vehicle and speed data. However, 55 percent of U.S. respondents said they are not informed of which data is being used and for what purpose, who has access to the data, and to what extent it is protected. Only 42 percent are willing to pass on their data for using telematics services, such as parking space locations.

Cybersecurity Concerns

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. respondents worry that data theft from autonomous vehicles will occur and 61 percent believe that cyber-protection is important.  Those surveyed lacked confidence that vehicle manufacturers can develop autonomous vehicles that are protected against unauthorized access. Opinions may differ as to whether automated vehicles can solve our safety problems and whether they can be adequately protected against cyber-theft of user identification data. However, the risk of getting seriously injured in a vehicular accident remains.

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