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Driverless Trucks Prove Unlikely for the Future

Delaware Truck Accident Lawyers  weigh in on why driverless trucks not being a likely addition to the road in the future. There has been talk recently about self-driving vehicles, including fully automated tractor trailers and trucks. Trucking industry researchers continue to see driverless technology as an important step in improving the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry. Autonomous truck features, such as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technology, can help prevent accidents when technology intercedes to prevent collisions. While autonomous driving continues to be a goal of the trucking industry, trucking executives caution that given the unique tasks truckers must perform each day, the need for human truck drivers remains greater than ever.

Autonomous, Not Driverless

Trucking experts note the important difference between trucks that can drive on their own and driverless trucks that do not require a human behind the wheel.  While more trucks have autonomous features, the current technology still requires that a driver be present to operate the vehicle. The main reason for this is that operating a truck requires more than pure driving skill. Many of the trucking tasks performed daily by truckers cannot be performed by driverless vehicles.

Some of the tasks that require human drivers to complete include:

  • Tarping down loads in flatbed trucks
  • Handling intermodal storage containers
  • Conducting the appropriate safety inspections on vehicles
  • Managing shipments of hazardous materials

Another area of concern is the increased use of electronic stability control (ESC) safety systems that trigger an alarm if a truck hits something, including potholes.  These safety systems often result in false alarms, requiring a human driver to determine the real presence of a safety hazard.

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