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Daylight Saving Time May Cause More Motor Vehicle Accidents

Daylight Saving Time May Cause More Motor Vehicle AccidentsDaylight Saving Time arrives on Sunday, which means it is time to spring forward and set clocks an hour ahead. Although more daylight is welcome after a dreary winter, a new study shows that Daylight Saving Time may cause more motor vehicle accidents. Due to the time transition, many individuals fail to get the recommended amount of rest, which may lead to drowsy driving on Monday morning. If drivers engage in this type of driving and get into a car accident, any parties involved may incur personal injuries or even fatalities. According to multiple studies, a reduction in cognitive abilities due to sleep deprivation may cause drivers to make poor decisions when traveling on the road.

The chance of a heart attack or stroke occurring increases because of the time change and may result in a serious car accident. If a driver goes into cardiac arrest while driving to work, the driver may lose control of the vehicle and cause a significant crash, which may leave others in danger of injuries or potential fatalities. One study states that a ten percent increase in heart attacks follows Daylight Saving Time while the possibility of a stroke grows by about eight percent in the two days following the time change.

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