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Women in the Trucking Industry

Chester County Truck Accident Lawyers discuss women in the trucking industry and their concerns over truck accidents. According to data from The Women in Trucking Association (WIT), only seven percent of truck drivers are female. Although there is an increasing shortage of truck drivers, many female drivers are hesitant to enter the profession. A new call-in radio show on SiriusXM is hoping to encourage more women to enter and remain in the trucking industry. The weekly show, Women in Trucking, will air every Saturday morning hosted by WIT president, Ellen Voie.

Women work in the trucking industry as drivers and high-level professionals. Female trucking executives are employed by shipping companies, motor carrier enterprises, or driving schools. However, women only hold approximately 14 percent of the management positions in the trucking industry.

Obstacles Facing Female Truck Drivers

Two of the most common obstacles identified by women truckers are unfair treatment from dispatchers and unsafe working conditions. Many female drivers believe that they are treated less fairly than male drivers by the dispatchers. Other female drivers expressed feelings of being unsafe during their work day. These obstacles have resulted in many female drivers failing to recruit or recommend working in the trucking industry to other women. With 83 percent of female drivers entering the industry due to the connection of a family member or friend, there has not been a large influx of women into the profession by other means.

Women Leave Due to Dangerous Conditions

Many female truck drivers choose to leave the trucking industry due to potentially unsafe working conditions. Certain female drivers report fearing for their personal safety while on the road. Other female drivers fear equipment breakdowns due to improper maintenance of the vehicles. Faulty and dangerous equipment can result in serious accidents risking the physical safety of drivers. A recent WIT survey revealed that female truck drivers rate their feelings of safety in their job as a mere 4.4 out of 10. To overcome these beliefs, WIT seeks to place a greater emphasis on safety when recruiting female drivers.

Future Women in Trucking segments will address topics including the gig economy, recruiting millennial women into the trucking profession, and the Uberization of the trucking industry.

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