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Automatic Braking Systems

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss automatic braking systems. Car manufacturers have developed more effective automatic braking systems in their continued effort to prevent high-speed collisions. As high-speed collisions result in more fatalities than low-speed collisions, this safety feature has become more important each year. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the use of automatic braking systems could reduce the number of rear end collisions by almost 50 percent.

Automatic braking systems are designed to work without driver input. With a combination of sensors and brake controls, automatic braking systems will use lasers, radar, GPS data, or other video data to detect the presence of objects in a vehicle’s path. Once an object is detected, the speed difference between the object and the vehicle is calculated to predict whether a collision is likely to occur.  If the sensor input predicts a likely collision, the automatic braking system will activate the brakes. When using GPS technology in conjunction with an automatic braking system, the system can often access databases of pertinent traffic information, including the location of stop signs and speed zones. This GPS information can allow the automatic braking system to activate if a driver fails to stop.

How Automatic Braking Systems Work

Automatic braking systems can work in different ways. Certain automatic braking technology provides braking assistance to drivers by reducing the speed of a vehicle before the vehicle hits something. Other advanced types of automatic braking systems can activate the brakes without the need of driver input. For example, BMW uses an adaptive cruise control system that can brake the vehicle to a complete stop.

Since automatic braking systems occur without driver input, a vigilant driver may never know that the vehicle is equipped with this technology. The automatic braking system technology acts more like a safeguard for those instances where there is a momentary lapse of concentration due to distracted or drowsy driving.

Automatic braking systems have been increasingly popular in other countries. More than half of the vehicles sold in Japan are equipped with this technology and almost 60 percent of the Toyota brand cars sold in the United States also have this technology as a standard feature. Many other car manufacturers, including General Motors, pledge to do the same.

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High-speed collisions can result in catastrophic bodily injuries. If your car’s automatic braking system fails to activate or you have been the victim of a high-speed car collision, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. At McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC, our experienced Delaware car accident lawyers work with families who have been involved in car accidents. We serve clients throughout the state of Delaware, as well as in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Call us today at 302-888-1221 to schedule your free consultation or submit an online inquiry form.