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Trucker Fatally Injured When Lehigh Tunnel Metal Conduit Crashes

Trucker Fatally Injured When Lehigh Tunnel Metal Conduit CrashesA metal conduit fell in the Lehigh Tunnel, crashing into a tractor trailer, and fatally injuring the trucker driving the vehicle. In Washington Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, the truck accident occurred around 6:03 pm on Wednesday evening when the metal conduit plunged into the windshield of the tractor trailer and hit other vehicles. The 70-year-old trucker from East Greenwich Township, New Jersey succumbed to his fatal injuries a few hours after the fatal crash in the Lehigh Tunnel. No other personal injuries were reported.

Experienced truckers may find themselves engaged in an unavoidable crash if circumstances beyond their control occur while they are driving. Truck drivers recognize that the jobs they perform may involve dangerous tasks. Unfortunately, an accident may take place while an employee is working that may be the result of unsafe working conditions or an environment where safeguards are not implemented.

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