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Vehicles Linked to Collision Injuries

Chester County Car Accident Lawyers discuss the top ten vehicles linked to the most costly accident injuries. Recent statistics compiled and published by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) show that with certain vehicle models, drivers and passengers are more likely to suffer injuries in car accidents than they are in other models.

New vehicle models tend to have more safety features than older models. These can help drivers avoid collisions and protect them from injury in the event of an accident, but they cannot entirely eliminate the chance of a collision occurring.

Despite these features, the number of traffic fatalities recorded in the United States has been rising over the past few years. This increase has been linked with an increased number of vehicles on the road as the economy recovers from the 2008 recession.

Personal Injury Claim Frequency Rate

The HDLI compared 2014 to 2016 model year vehicles. Each vehicle earned a relative claim frequency number through the researchers’ comparison of the frequency of medical payment claims filed by victims involved in collisions while driving or riding in them. Medical payment claims include personal injury claims and personal injury protection (PIP) claims, an option also known as “no fault” insurance claims.

Each vehicle received a two or three-digit relative claim frequency number, with 100 being the average score. Large luxury SUVs tended to have the lowest relative claim frequency rates and four-door micro cars tended to have the highest.

Worst Offenders

According to the HLDI data, the following 10 vehicles were the “worst offenders” in terms of the frequency and dollar figures of medical compensation claims made by their occupants who had been involved in collisions. These are their scores:

  • Kia Rio hatchback, 171
  • Dodge Charger, 175
  • Toyota Corolla iM/Scion iM, 176
  • Chrysler 200, 178
  • Kia Forte, 178
  • Chevrolet Sonic, 179
  • Kia Rio sedan, 185
  • Nissan Versa, 187
  • Toyota Yaris iA/Scion iA, 189
  • Mitsubishi Lancer, 215

Car Safety Factors

It is important for prospective car buyers to understand the factors that determine how frequently certain vehicle models are involved in collisions. Many of the models listed above are popular with younger, less experienced drivers, which is one of the reasons they tend to be involved in accidents more frequently than vehicles driven by older demographics.

Generally, a vehicle’s relative claim severity increases with its size, possibly because larger vehicles tend to carry more passengers at once and thus, an accident involving one tends to result in more injured victims. Similarly, this could be why sports cars, which typically only carry one passenger at a time, had some of the lowest claim frequencies.

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