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Three Trends that Could Disrupt the Trucking Industry

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers  weigh in on three new trends in the trucking world and the impact they may have on the industry. This could be a year of big changes for the trucking industry. Experts are tracking major trends in the areas of autonomous driving technology, electric vehicles, platooning and IoT (Internet of Things) connections. With the supply chain becoming more and more complicated, now is the time for trucking companies to take notice of the possible disruptions that these trends may bring to the industry and their potential to decrease truck accidents.

Autonomous Driving Technology

With over 95% of trucking accidents resulting from some type of human driving error, it is not surprising that the development of driverless technologies is on the rise. Self-driving vehicles continue to be popular with major investors including Google and Tesla.

Autonomous driving technology shifts responsibility for on-board operations away from truck drivers. Truckers may eventually only need to supervise the autonomous driving technology. This may allow for trucks to be “in use” for more hours as the driving time limits imposed on human drivers will no longer be applicable. As the demand to keep commercial trucks up and running increases, the strain on the supply chain could be significant.

Electric Vehicles

The number of electric “big rigs” on the nation’s highways is getting larger every day. As companies develop new electric models that can operate for over 500 miles on a single electric charge, more and more truckers will be driving electric rigs.

Electric commercial vehicles require unique service parts to function efficiently. As the number of electric big rigs rises, so will the need for new service part inventories specifically designed for the repair and maintenance of these electric vehicles.

Platooning of Fleets

Another trucking trend that could disrupt the industry is platooning. Platooning refers to two or more trucks driving in a convoy style, using connectivity technology and automated driving support systems to maintain a set close distance between the trucks.

As the use of self-driving commercial vehicles rises, the interest in the benefits of commercial truck platooning also increases. Advocates for the use of platooning in the trucking industry list its benefits as increasing road capacity and decreasing emissions. Platooning may also improve driving safety as it creates rest times for weary truck drivers.

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