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Berks County Fatal Vehicle Crash Involved Dump Truck and Car

Berks County Fatal Vehicle Crash Involved Dump Truck and CarOn Wednesday morning, a fatal vehicle crash involving a dump truck and car left a woman with fatal injuries. The motor vehicle accident occurred around 6:50 am in District Township, Pennsylvania when the woman’s car slid underneath the dump truck. Although it is unclear how the fatal vehicle crash started, the woman succumbed to her fatal injuries at the scene of the accident.

Oftentimes, accidents involving a large vehicle like a dump truck may result in catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. A range of personal injuries may accompany a collision with a truck, and lead to mental trauma and injuries that may develop into permanent disabilities. Even experienced truck drivers may find it challenging to operate a large vehicle if the road is especially congested, the truck is improperly loaded or contains faulty parts that may affect the truck’s performance.

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