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Documenting a Slip and Fall

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers offer advice on how to properly document a slip and fall accident. When a victim is injured in a slip and fall accident, they have the right to seek monetary compensation for damages related to the injury. This includes medical bills and lost wages due to taking time off work to recover. Victims must demonstrate that another party’s negligence directly caused them to suffer their injury and that the injury directly caused them to suffer the specific financial damages for which they are seeking compensation.

In a slip and fall claim, the claimant must show that the owner of the property should have known about the hazard and that they did not take proper care to remove it or thoroughly warn visitors about it. A successful personal injury claim requires evidence.


Without photographs of the accident scene, there is no way to prove that a hazard like a puddle or broken step was present. After a victim falls, the victim or another party close by should photograph the scene exactly as it appears, documenting the current environmental conditions, the hazard that caused the fall, the victim’s position, and, if visible, their injury, as well as any other relevant facts about the scene.

Additional Documents

Along with photographs of the scene of the accident, a claimant can support their claim with testimonies from witnesses who saw the fall. Before leaving an accident scene, a slip and fall victim should take down all other present parties’ contact information.

After receiving medical attention, the victim’s lawyer should contact the owner of the premises where the fall occurred to obtain other evidence to support the claim. This can include the maintenance log of a public place or a surveillance video record of the fall. This is known as the discovery process. During discovery, a lawyer can require another party to provide certain documents through a document request. If a case goes to court, the court may require an individual to provide certain documents through a subpoena.


A slip and fall victim can also obtain evidence from outside parties to support their claim. This can include:

  • Expert Testimonies – These are testimonies from professionals whose expertise enables them to discuss a case without having been present for the incident. An example of this is the victim’s doctor discussing their injury’s prognosis.
  • Local Building Codes – If the injury occurred because a building was not up to code, the victim can use this fact to support their claim.

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