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Common Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Common Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent ThemLast year, over six million car accidents occurred resulting in over 40,000 deaths. By becoming aware of the most common causes of car accidents, drivers can take easy steps to prevent becoming another car accident statistic this year.

According to the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey data provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, some of the most common causes of car accidents include driving while tired, losing control of the vehicle, making “blind” left turns, rear ending other cars and traveling out of designated driving lanes. To avoid these types of accidents, the following are five simple safety rules that all drivers should follow:

  1. Only drive when well rested

Drowsy drivers cause approximately 7% of car accidents. Even more troubling, 21% of fatal crashes are attributed to driver tiredness. Drivers should be aware of their own unique sleep needs and should have someone else in the car with them if drowsiness could become an issue. 

  1. Maintain complete control of the vehicle

Many factors can result in the loss of control of a vehicle including inclement weather, improper vehicle maintenance, distracted driving, aggressive maneuvering and the unpredictable behavior of other drivers. When a driver loses control of their vehicle, serious accidents can occur. Loss of vehicle control results in about 11% of all crashes.

  1. Do not make blind left turns

Many drivers fail to properly determine whether the traffic is clear before making left turns. Although it may be tempting to drive out into an intersection and around a larger vehicle that is blocking the view, the safest course of action is to simply wait until the traffic is completely visible and clear. As around 12% of all car crashes are the result of making a blind left turn, this driving behavior can be extremely dangerous.

  1. Drive with plenty of distance between cars

To avoid rear-end collisions, which make up 23-30% of all car crashes, drivers should allow plenty of distance between themselves and the car ahead. Drivers must be particularly observant of the brake lights of the car ahead to anticipate sudden stops.

  1. Stay in the driving lane

In almost 30% of car accidents, the driver failed to stay in their proper driving lane. Distracted driving can cause drivers to drift out of their lane, into another lane, into a ditch or road barrier or even into ongoing traffic resulting in serious and potentially fatal injuries.

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