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Fuel Saving Tips for Truckers

Delaware County Truck Accident Lawyers: Fuel Saving Tips for TruckersCommercial trucks account for 13 percent of the nation’s daily fuel consumption, even though they account for just four percent of the country’s vehicles. Trucks consume approximately three million barrels of oil each day. Fuel costs are nearly 40 percent of a truck’s operating expenses. However, there are ways truckers can save fuel and help the environment while also reducing truck accidents.

General Tips

First, truckers should slow down to save fuel. Not going faster than 65 mph can save seven percent in fuel costs. Truckers can also reduce their air conditioning use as well as their cruise control use. Fuel can also be saved by not letting a truck’s engine idle as idling can use up to one gallon of fuel per hour. Instead, drivers can turn off their engines when they are not driving.

Use Navigation Tools

Truckers can use tech to help them avoid heavily congested areas. They can also map out their most efficient routes and make an effort to be aware of any current hazards on the route beforehand. If possible, rush hour driving should be avoided. Every time a truck has to restart in traffic after coming to a stop at a light or traffic sign, a lot of fuel is needed to get started once again.

Fuel and Oil

Truckers should always use the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil grade. This simple tip can improve mileage by as much as two percent. Diesel truck operators should consider using premium grade fuel and should fill their tanks first thing in the morning. It’s wise to fill the tank before it’s empty, as a truck with a full tank gets better mileage. For best results, don’t fill up when the fuel has just been put into the ground tanks. Dirt in the tanks goes to the surface after replenishment and can enter the fuel tank.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Stop problems before they start by conducting regular maintenance checks. This includes:

  • Checking tire pressure
  • Checking drive axle alignment
  • Replacing old fuel injectors
  • Checking for leaking air coolers

Truckers should have their vehicles serviced as indicated by the manufacturer. These tasks help reduce fuel consumption by up to three percent.

Better Truck Aerodynamics

Nearly half of a truck’s fuel is consumed in overcoming the drags of aerodynamics when the truck is traveling on the highway. For those trucks with a taller trailer than the tractor, installing a sun visor, a cab deflector on the roof, or a deep angled bumper can move air from the windscreen to the top of the trailer, lowering the drag. Installing side fairings beneath the vehicle can also stop turbulence underneath the trailer.

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