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Car Collides with SEPTA Train in Lower Moreland Causing Fatality

Car Collides with SEPTA Train in Lower Moreland Causing FatalityOn Thursday morning, a car collided with a SEPTA train, which caused a fatality. Around 9:40 am, the collision occurred when a woman in an SUV could not stop her vehicle, and smacked into the side of a SEPTA train in Lower Moreland, Pennsylvania. Although the driver was able to jump from the car, her passenger, who was her co-worker, was ejected from the SUV, and succumbed to her fatal injuries at the scene of the accident. The driver sustained minor injuries in the crash.

If a car crashes into a larger vehicle like a train, the results could be catastrophic. It is extremely difficult to cease a train when it is in motion, and the impact of a collision could cause both personal injuries and even fatalities for any parties involved, especially victims riding in a smaller vehicle. The aftermath of an accident of this nature could cause survivors to experience mental trauma or face debilitating injuries that could alter their lives.

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