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The Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers

Delaware Truck Accident Lawyers report on the most dangerous roads for truck drivers.

The most dangerous roads for truckers are usually the most dangerous roads for smaller motor vehicles because there is a greater risk of experiencing a truck accident. If you are planning a road trip, you may want to avoid the roads with the highest rate of truck accidents nationwide.

Motor Vehicle Volume

During the holiday season, highway motor vehicle volume has an estimated 36 percent increase over average daily travel. The increase includes additional freight trucks delivering holiday gifts to stores and individuals. Higher traffic volume corresponds to an approximate 10 percent increase in crash rates.

Top Ten Worst Roads for Trucks

The Department of Transportation (DOT) compiled this list of the worst roads in the country for trucking accidents based on statistics from 2013-2016. The worst roads are:

  • I-10 in Alabama
  • I-95 in Florida
  • Hwy 75 in Idaho
  • I-40 in Arkansas
  • US-1 in Florida
  • M-20 in Michigan
  • I-80 in Nebraska
  • Hwy-5 in Colorado
  • I-70 in Maryland
  • SC-35 in South Carolina

Bad Weather Increases Accidents

Winter weather exacerbates the possibility of a truck accident. Avoid driving on major truck routes when it is raining, snowing, or foggy. You may lose time in arriving to your destination, but you will increase your odds of arriving safely.

More DOT Data

Approximately 50 percent of trucks involved in crashes involve a vehicle defect. About one-third of crashes are attributable to equipment failure, including failed brakes, tires and transmissions. Vehicle overload is another factor in many truck crashes.

Driver Fatigue

Another contributor to truck crashes is driver fatigue. While there are federal limits on how many hours truck drivers can work per week, these limits are often ignored. While employers are always pushing truck drivers to arrive on schedule, the importance of on-time delivery becomes even more crucial during the holidays.

Crashes involving driver fatigue occur most often between midnight and early morning hours, but they can happen any time of the day or night.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself and your loved ones this holiday season by giving trucks plenty of room, avoiding the blind spots and taking your time. These precautions can save lives.

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