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Traffic Accident Trends

Delaware Car Accident Lawyers discuss traffic accident trends.In 2016, the number of car accident deaths rose eight percent with 35,092 fatalities. Sixty-five percent of businesses have employees who operate personal vehicles for business matters. Many companies do not realize that they are liable for repercussion in the case of a work-related transportation accident regardless of whether the vehicle in use is company-owned or personal.

Increasing Numbers

There are many reasons for the increase in accident rates. There has been a tremendous rise in smart phone usage, leading to rampant distracted driving. Music apps, GPS, texting, and taking pictures are all viable distractions on the road. Other factors include an increase in less experienced drivers on the road, roadwork and congestion.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015 showed that the preeminent cause of work fatalities was from transportation incidents. Not surprisingly, a large majority of the accidents involved tractor trailers. For off-road traffic fatalities, the primary culprits were farm tractors. Whether a vehicle is company owned or personal, it is critical for employers to establish risk management plans and to know who is operating vehicles on their behalf.

Vehicle Enhancements

A variety of enhancements are available on the market for vehicle owners wanting to ramp up their safety features. ABS break systems are standard in many cars now and many vehicles come equipped with rear-view cameras or blind-spot indicators. This technology can help hinder accidents when utilized correctly.

Unfortunately, this technology can also be disabled, preventing it from aiding with accident prevention. Distracted drivers often ignore warning cues given to them – it is important to note that technology will not take the place of an attentive driver.

Employer Liability

Written standards for employee-owned vehicles should be established to make sure cars are held up to manufacturer standards to prevent accidents. Victims of accidents can require long-term medical care and may experience extended income loss due to prolonged injuries. The National Safety Council says the average cost for a work-related motor vehicle injury claim is $72,540.

Businesses are liable for their employee’s personal vehicle accidents if they occur during business hours. This is known as vicarious liability – an instance in which employers can be held responsible for third-party incidents. Consult a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer if you are unsure of whether your employer should be held accountable for your injuries.

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