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Pickup Truck and Train Collided, Causing Fatality in Alburtis

Pickup Truck and Train Collided, Causing Fatality in AlburtisEarly on Thursday morning, a pickup truck and train collided, which caused a fatality. Around 5:24 am, a man tried to outrun a train that was approaching at the railroad crossing on West Penn Avenue in Alburtis, Pennsylvania, but failed to cross on time, and crashed into the train. He succumbed to his fatal injuries at the scene where the pickup truck and train collided.

Trains travel at exorbitant speeds, so when another vehicle hits a moving train the impact guarantees a potentially serious accident. At the very least, occupants of a smaller motor vehicle could sustain personal injuries, or in worst case events, fatalities may occur. Victims who survive a catastrophic crash may experience mental trauma and debilitating injuries for the rest of their lives.

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