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Speed Cameras Proposed for Construction Zones

Delaware County Accident Lawyers weigh in on speed cameras for construction zones.

In an effort to reduce traffic accidents, Pennsylvania lawmakers are working on a bill that would require speed cameras in highway construction zones. Last year, 2,075 car accidents and 16 deaths resulted from work zone accidents. Some lawmakers believe speed cameras would decrease speed-related accidents in work zones. Drivers caught speeding would be penalized with tickets and fines.

Construction Zone Danger

According to a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) research study, speed played a part in 31 percent of U.S. traffic fatalities from 2005 to 2014. Construction zone workers exposed to moving traffic on a daily basis are especially vulnerable to speeding or reckless drivers. Eighty-seven Pennsylvania Department of Transportation workers have lost their lives since 1970.

Work zone speeding is not only dangerous to highway workers. In some states more drivers and passengers are killed in work zone accidents than workers because of lane shifts, uneven pavement, and narrow lanes affected by construction. Decreasing speed in these areas may help to reduce serious accidents.

The Pennsylvania Speed Camera Bill

The Senate and House are both currently wrapping up bills to install speed cameras in Pennsylvania construction zones. The House bill proposes a five-year pilot program launching with speed cameras in major federally-funded construction zones. Cameras will record drivers’ speed and mail tickets to those exceeding imposed speed limits by a certain amount. Fines will range between $40 and $100. Drivers who believe they are ticketed by mistake can appeal their fines.

Speed Camera Results in Other States

The NTSB reports that 36 states already use speed cameras. Maryland has been using them since 2009 as part of its SafeZones initiative to save lives in construction zones. In Maryland’s SafeZones, drivers who exceed the speed limit by 12 miles per hour or more are fined $40. Before the use of speed cameras in work zones, seven out of every 100 drivers exceeded the speed limit; since SafeZones, that number has been reduced to one.

Existing Work Zone Traffic Laws

Pennsylvania currently doubles fines for driving under the influence, reckless driving, and speeding in construction zones. Drivers clocked at more than 11 miles per hour over the speed limit in work zones automatically lose their license for 15 days. Legislators hope that speed cameras in all major construction zones will help keep drivers and workers safe around the clock while not requiring a full-time police presence.

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