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Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers offer detailed Thanksgiving travel safety tips.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and for many Americans that means getting in the car and driving to relatives’ homes for the annual feast. For some, this is only a drive across town, for others, it means crossing state lines. Regardless of the distance, it is important that every driver take steps to be safe during the Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving is a notoriously dangerous time of year for drunk driving and other types of car accidents. Below are four general guidelines drivers should follow to stay safe this Thanksgiving.

Have a Travel Plan

A driver can eliminate confusion and frustration by creating a travel plan before leaving. This is especially important if driving to a new or unfamiliar location. Programming the destination into a GPS and having printed directions as a backup are useful ways to stay on course. Drivers should also communicate to their hosts about their estimated arrival times and any issues that arise during the journey.

Know your Limits

Individuals who plan to drink at Thanksgiving parties should opt not to drive. Those without this option should keep their drinking to a minimum to ensure that they do not become too intoxicated to drive.

Alcohol intake is not the only thing drivers should manage and limit at Thanksgiving celebrations. When an individual is tired, their ability to safely drive a car decreases. Anybody who plans to drive should take care to receive at least seven hours of sleep the night before driving. To boost alertness during a drive, the driver should consume a caffeinated beverage or nap before leaving.

Drivers should also know their comfort limits regarding the weather. In late November, rain and snow storms can occur. An individual who does not feel comfortable driving in this type of weather should refrain from doing so – no family gathering is worth risking one’s safety.

Always be Prepared for Car Issues

An important part of a travel plan is knowing how to handle issues like tire blowouts and engine failure. Drivers should keep emergency kits in their vehicles that contain:

  • Jumper cables
  • A first aid kit
  • Clean water
  • Basic tools

Before leaving for a long car ride, drivers should check their fuel, oil, and antifreeze levels and top these off if necessary. Drivers should also check their tire pressure, brakes, and windshield wipers and make any replacements or repairs as necessary.

Obey Traffic Signs

It is always important to obey the posted traffic signs, such as speed limits, yield signs, and traffic lights. When other drivers may be impaired by alcohol or exhaustion, it is especially important to follow the rules of the road and drive in a defensive manner.

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