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Ankle Injuries from Slip and Falls

Delaware County Slip and Fall Lawyers discuss ankle injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident. You do not have to be an extreme athlete to suffer a painful and debilitating ankle injury. Half of all ankle injuries happen in everyday accidents like slip and falls. More than one million people go to the emergency room for ankle injuries every year. The most common ankle injuries are sprains, strains, and fractures.

Ankle Anatomy

The ankle is comprised of different kinds of tissue: bones, ligaments, and tendons. The tibia, fibula, and talus bones meet at the ankle joint. Ligaments are strong connective bands that support the joint and hold the bones in place. Tendons attach the muscles to the ankle bones, allowing the ankle and foot to move. Ankle injuries are diagnosed according to what tissue is involved.

How Ankle Injuries Occur

Ankle injuries happen when a joint twists out of its normal position. Some ankle injuries happen during intense exertion, but most happen during slip and fall accidents while walking or running. When a person twists, rotates, or rolls the ankle, tissue damage can occur. Ankle injuries also happen after an impact to the leg or foot or when a person lands awkwardly after jumping.

Sprains, Strains, and Fractures

Every day, 25,000 people in the United States sprain their ankle. Sprains occur when the ligaments around the ankle stretch too far. Ligaments that are stretched beyond their normal range of motion can tear slightly or completely rupture. Strains happen when muscles and tendons are pulled or stretched too far.

An ankle fracture refers to a break in one or more of the bones forming the ankle joint. Ankle fractures are treated with rest and stabilization of the ankle. More severe ankle injuries require surgery. Ankle fractures can take up to six weeks to heal.

Signs of an Ankle Injury

Ankle sprains and fractures have similar symptoms, so it is important for anyone experiencing pain, swelling, or bruising after a slip and fall accident to see a doctor. Stiffness, tenderness, and the inability to bear weight on the ankle are also signs of tissue damage. A doctor will perform a physical exam and an X-ray to diagnose an ankle injury. MRI imaging scans and stress tests are also used to diagnose ankle fractures. Over the counter pain medications are helpful in reducing discomfort caused by an ankle injury.

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