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IoT Technology

Chester County truck accident lawyers discuss trucking IoT technologyLacking safety measures and driver negligence are two of the leading causes of trucking accidents. With causes ranging from fatigue and distracted driving, to improper vehicle maintenance and safety violations, trucking accidents are on the rise.

In an effort to improve vehicle safety, many commercial transportation systems and trucking companies are implementing industrial applications that may prevent driver negligence.

Trucking Accidents Can Be Prevented Using IoT Technology

 Advancements in technology have made Internet of Things (IoT) devices a new component in many transportation vehicles, including commercial trucks and eighteen wheelers. Through the use of the internet and truck management teams, IoT technology applications can help to prevent truck accidents caused by driver negligence by collecting data that monitors a truck’s location and activities.

In order to effectively use IoT technology, devices must be implemented with state of the art measures to ensure that their systems continue to work on the road at all times. From inclement weather to natural disasters, IoT systems need to be developed with a few factors in mind to keep systems up and running.

IoT Safety Standards

  • Hardened Plastic Enclosures: Ideally, IoT devices should be encased in hardened plastic to ensure that applications continue to run in severe weather. Metal enclosures are less reliable in severe weather and may deteriorate or attract electrical shocks. Preventing trucking accidents begins with proper maintenance and making sure that your IoT devices are working properly may prevent trucking accidents related to fatigue and distracted driving.
  • Battery Life: Natural disasters and prolonged driving may result in the inability to recharge IoT systems. In order to keep systems online, it is important that IoT systems be equipped with technology that works with or without power. In order to maximize IoT functionality, including the ability to gather and transmit data, it is important that the proper battery is chosen.

Using batteries that have the ability to gracefully degrade will allow IoT systems to work for weeks without a proper power supply. In these situations, an IoT system that is equipped with a high-quality degrading battery will allow the device to transition from full power to low power while maintaining vital functions.

  • Certifications: IoT devices can be kept online at all times by ensuring that the device is MIL-810-G and IP-69K certified. These classifications ensure that the device will be able to operate correctly in various circumstances that may be encountered while driving including exposure to vibration, shock, and the elements.
  • Consistent Network Connectivity: In order to maintain a functioning IoT system, consistent network connectivity is vital. Without it, data cannot be transmitted and trucks cannot be monitored. To maintain vehicle safety, the best measure that can be taken to prevent connectivity loss is to use an IoT system that is multi-channel, meaning that it will switch networks when necessary to keep a stable internet connection.

Chester County Truck Accident Lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC Assist Truck Accident Victims

While advancements in technology are improving truck safety, a truck accident can happen at any time. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, our team of Chester County truck accident lawyers at McCann Dillon Jaffe & Lamb, LLC can assist you. Contact us online or call 215-569-8488 to schedule a consultation.