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Lack of Safety Standards & Truck Accidents

Chester County Truck Accident Lawyers: Lack of Safety Standards Leads to More Truck Accidents

It comes as no surprise that some of the deadliest accidents on the road are caused by tractortrailers; despite this common fact, safety standards to reduce the likelihood of such accidents are severely lacking. One of the more common types of truck accidents are rear underride accidents, in which a vehicle slides under a truck, typically crushing the passengers inside the car. Experts from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) claim these accidents could be prevented if stricter safety measures were in place.

Researches from IIHS have done extensive crash test studies over the course of several years. Their research shows that many of the underride guards on today’s trucks do not have the ability to prevent such fatal accidents. One of the issues present is that underride guards become rusty over time, limiting their effectiveness. Another problem is that current laws do not support stricter testing requirements. One of their researchers, Matthew Brumbelow, says that many trucks meet the requirements set forth but still have very poor underride guards in place. IIHS crash tests revealed that even well below highway speeds, many of the guards on the road today do not prevent fatal underride incidents.

An Unresponsive NHTSA

Proponents have faced endless roadblocks from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to increase the safety requirements in place for rear guards. The IIHS petitioned the NHTSA to increase regulations in 2015, and the result was a proposal notice issued to upgrade safety standards on rear underride guards. While the NHTSA acknowledged rear underride accidents were common, they have not taken any further action.

Currently, the trucking companies are only required to put pressure on several points of the guard, which is not a true-to-life scenario if a crash occurred, especially if a crash occurs from hitting the rear guard at an angle rather than directly. Ultimately, standards have not been increased because it would require truck companies to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on an issue they feel would only save a handful of lives.

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